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Marko and his father, Zoran, formed a passenger transportation company 10 years ago with a smaller speedboat Bayliner sx 18. They hosted over a thousand tourists from almost all countries.

Until today they work and do business together and continue to introduce the tradition, culture and interesting places in Montenegro to all visitors and tourist.




Skipper Marko grew up in Koror, graduated from the Maritime school and started sailing on ocean-going ships from the age of 19. Today, he is Navigational Officer on one of the largest ships in the world up to 400 meters long. In addition to his job, he is involved in tourism in the summer, and annually hosts and meets over 1000 people from different

countries. Marko speaks two languages, loves sports, running, swim and hiking.

Zoran his father has been in tourism for many years. Before the speedboat, he had a passenger transport company. Even today, it deals with taxi service.

There is Dusan, Mark’s best friend who started this business 2 years ago and today they have together 4 new speedboats for passenger transportation.

These guys are very positive and interesting, they will explain a lot to you about the culture and history of our country and especially about the Bay of Boka and the Bay of Kotor.

They will show you one of the most attractive places in the Bay of Kotor such as Perast, Mamula, Submarine Base, Blue cave……..

If you decide to visit Montenegro, be sure to come in Kotor and meet us.